Better Deals. That’s right, nowhere else online will you find our products at the incredible prices you get here. And if you do, it’s most likely a knock-off (see “You Actually Get Our Product” below) or used. Or poorly replicated in someone’s basement.
The reason you get such great deals through us is because retailers, such as Amazon, have to charge more to make up for the wholesale costs they pay us.
And it gets even worse when you deal with other big chains, like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and so on, because they have to mark up even more since they purchase from distributors who have their own mark-ups from their own wholesale costs. This puts more and more people between you and our products, every last one of them charging through the nose to make up for wherever they got the product.
Simply put:
Us ==> You = Happy!
Us ==> Distributor ==> Retailer ==> You = Grrrrrrrrrrr!

More Trust: If there’s ever a question or issue, you can bet your shiniest Buffalo nickel that when you contact us here you will get an actual BELDT Labs representative to respond and help resolve the issue. With big retailers, all you end up with is someone who a) doesn’t know our products, b) doesn’t care, or c) both.
Or, d) will only talk to you because they’re lonely.

Your Information Is 100% Secure: Big retailers, such as Amazon, claim to have better payment processing security than all other platforms. Not true. In fact, Amazon uses the exact same Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption (the industry standard in secure server protection) as our store, which is powered by Woocommerce.

Fresher product: Large retailers are more concerned with pushing a lot of different brands than they are with maintaining the quality of any particular one. This often means poor product rotation, and even sending previously returned items that are no longer usable out to other customers. Gross.

FREE Shipping Available… Even Without An Account: Too many platforms require you to create an account or sign up for some annual membership (like Prime) before you can receive free shipping. Not here. No matter the purchase size, free US shipping is always available, whether or not you create an account (which also happens to be free). We also offer expedited for a few dollars more. That said, creating a free BELDT Labs account will allow you to easily monitor all your orders, and order history, at any time.

You Are Actually Rewarded For Shopping With Us: Even after your very first purchase, you will receive exclusive discounts on our products, plus free fitness tips, contests, prize offers, and more. And we’re sure to only send offers that are relevant to you… rather than coupons for 5% off some funky product, like a daddle: the saddle you put on your dad (yes, this really exists).

You Actually Get Our Product: Briefly mentioned in the first point, but worth going into detail: some online sellers are actually fabricating counterfeit versions of products and passing them off as the real thing. And Amazon is fraught with this type of behavior.
Now, it’s one thing to get a pair of Nikes with an inverted Swoosh, but counterfeit supplements? We don’t even want to think about what they might be putting in those!

We Will Always Be Here! There’s been a lot in the news lately about how big retailers, such as Amazon, are suspending brands with little or no cause. That means, when you find a product on their storefront that you like, there’s no telling if it will be there next time.
Shopping with us means you can always come back for more, any time, any day, rain, shine, snow, and holidays. Except Durin’s Day. But it lands on a day that doesn’t exist in this realm, so you’re clear.

We tried to cover all bases here, but if you have any additional concerns, please contact us right away and let us know!