More than just another line of generic “bodybuilding supplements,” BELDT Labs is proud to be the very first performance nutrition brand to deliver SKALD, a premium-quality fat burning thermogenic supplement with respiratory support. The result? Unparalleled endurance. Unbeatable fat loss. Unimaginable results.

This is why BELDT Labs is being used and backed by more and more high-intensity athletes every day, including top MMA stars, such as UFC Hall-of-Famer Stephan Bonnar. But what really sets us apart goes far beyond the superior formulations–it’s our focus on you, today’s athlete of elevated standards. The athlete who lives for real intensity, real sweat, real performance–demanding more from your body, your mind, yourself. And because of this, we understand that no generic “bodybuilding supplement” will do.

This is why we continue to be trusted by countless athletes everywhere, just like you, to help shatter those high-intensity training plateaus. Whether you need to burn fat fast, build lean muscle, enhance strength, boost energy, improve endurance–whatever it takes to get ripped and ready to take on the best–we’re here to deliver what you need. On top of that, you can always expect premium-grade supplements, manufactured under the strictest protocol to ensure nothing less than the highest level of purity and potency. By choosing BELDT Labs, you’ve taken one more step in defining your elite standards.

Welcome to a new breed of nutrition. Welcome to BELDT Labs.

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The expanded story…

Is there any athlete who hasn’t loaded up on the latest, most “extreme” version of whatever product and still gassed out far too soon, trudging from the gym, defeated, with no results to show for it?

“Today’s athlete needs more than just another generic ‘bodybuilding supplement’,” says BELDT Labs’ head of research, James Atkins, a lifelong fitness enthusiast who set his focus on developing supplements to satisfy the needs of high-intensity endurance athletes. Three of these products can be found in our new line of high-performance supplements.

While these supplements are are used and backed by top athletes, including UFC Hall-of-Famers and Bellator pros, BELDT Labs’ endurance supplements are being adopted by numerous high-intensity athletic groups everywhere, such as CrossFit. “Supplement companies seem to want to keep packing more stimulants into their products, and today’s athletes are tired of it,” he says. “Mostly because their real needs are being ignored. They come to us because our company delivers exactly what the high-intensity endurance athlete needs… and then some.”

Judging by the growing popularity and professional endorsements, we appear to be doing something right. We’re one of those companies that doesn’t try to please everyone, but still manage to impress beyond the chosen niche. As athletes evolve, they say, nutrition has to evolve with them.The products directly target the three core elements of performance.

There’s an ultimate tri-phase creatine for strength, recovery and endurance; a nitric oxide load for tighter, denser muscular pumps; and most popular is a premium thermogenic fat burner for enhanced energy, fat loss, focus and appetite control plus the first-ever benefit of improved breathing. They are sold right here on their website.

“The biggest mistake that many athletes make is using supplements that aren’t designed for them,” they say. “If you want to pack on slabs of muscle for a pose-down, that’s one thing. But it’s not going to help when you need to be strong, light on your feet and be able to power through hours of grueling fitness. When you train like a fighter, but supplement like a bodybuilder, the results either way will be mediocre at best.”

After growing up in a bodybuilding environment, Atkins eventually moved onto martial arts, which required an entirely new approach to both training and supplementing.

“At first, I just could not understand why the other students [of martial arts] were outperforming me,” he says. “I had to stop much more often to rest, and my agility was nothing compared to theirs. And even though I was much stronger, they were more powerful because they were quick, too. That’s when I started dropping mass, raising stamina, and focusing on power, rather than strength.”

Atkins eventually made his way to California where he met a number of top personal trainers to the stars.

“I had access to the best fitness minds around,” he remembers, “and I took full advantage of it.” He put everything on hold to focus on the two worlds he knew and loved most: high-intensity fitness and endurance training, both of which were on a sharp up-curve in popularity with the rapid growth of MMA, as well as various high-intensity interval training (HIIT) programs.

About 5 years ago, he went into the supplements business himself. “I’d been using supplements for years, and when I founded BELDT Labs, I wanted to create a line good enough to satisfy the quickest, strongest, leanest athletes around.” The result, he says, is a warrior’s physique and performance that other athletes can only envy.

“When somebody says to you, ‘Wow, I have never trained so hard in my life!’ That’s successful supplements.”